Jump Rhythm
Creating artistic work out of primal human behavior.


The movement, music, songs, and words found in any Jump Rhythm performance, workshop, or class are all built around the celebratory rhythm-driven call-and-response that opens audiences and students to worlds of both individual joy and communal fellow-feeling.

Billy Siegenfeld

Founder, Artistic Director


Through it all, Jump Rhythm® has experienced everything from press reviews to Emmy Awards to laughter and tears both on-stage and off. None would have been possible without whole-hearted investment by people like you, who when called, responded. Thank you.


Jump Rhythm® Technique gives the artistic performing world a refreshingly human approach to movement that teaches any body that moves how to be the best we can be as people – fully alive, self-aware, sharing members of a group. Share with us!


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Jump Rhythm®


Wirtz 101 (Blackbox Theatre)

JUNE 3, 4, 5, 2024 @ 6:00pm CT



Connecting to the earth.

Connecting to oneself.

Connecting to each other.

Billy Siegenfeld turns himself inside out, as all artists do, and lets us see the world through him. His plays as well as the rhythm-sharp songs and dances he builds into them show us human character in cooperation and conflict.  They feature humans acting in situations which inspire emotions – and who are therefore free to be themselves showing those emotions. The results are universal: we recognize the feelings – of joy, friendship, alienation, mistrust, loss – from our own lives, and see them expressed in speech, sound, and movement onstage by people who remain unique. If good art lets us see something new, ands great art lets us see in a new way, then Billy Siegenfeld cavorts in the latter category. See his work and feel restored.
Al Basile

poet, jazz-and-blues composer, trumpeter, and singer.

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