For a deeper dive into the inner workings of Jump Rhythm®, we’ve created a collection of writings, both by and about Billy Siegenfeld, for your perusal.

Writings on Technique

Standing Down Straight®

If you’ve been taught that to be strong, confident, or beautiful is by “standing up straight,” Jump Rhythm® Technique will be a shock.


Performing Energy

“Not a bad thing, independence, which is what hooked many of us on art in the first place.”


Jump Rhythm® Technique

Six Action-Ideas


The Art of Misbehaving

“We have this peculiarly human stuff inside us that needs to get pushed to the outside of us, […] to
announce what we think or feel, […]”


Choreographing in the Classic Jazz Tradition

“Astaire is the model for transforming the entire body into a jazz instrument.”


Writings About the Company

The Tightrope Doesn’t Matter When You’re Already Down

“Downwardness leads to inwardness,” Siegenfeld emphasizes. “The downwardness is a physical thing, but the inwardness is spiritual.”


A Musician’s View of Jump Rhythm® Technique

“It made our dancers here perform every movement with rhythmic clarity, physical power, and an infectiously joyous, fun sense of being alive.”


All The Things You Are: JRJP in Rhode Island


Swingin’ Engineers

“[…] ‘whole brain engineering,’ is really whole-body engineering – the experience that engineers really have an opportunity to connect more with the physical […]”


Dance Professor Connects Physics to “Innate” Rhythm

Understanding the bonds between the physical and the mental is important for everyone, whether you’re an engineer or a professional performer.


Jump Rhythm®’s 25th Anniversary

The dancer combines two different rhythms into a unity that “allows each to have its own say.”


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