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Why Produce

As we move through the tour of the play, it is important that we come to the table in discussions with venues, agents, etc with something in hand.  That ‘something’ is a certain level of self-funding in addition to the play itself, the actors, the technical director, etc.  That’s where producers come in. 

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Arts lovers, businesspeople with a creative side, those who believe in the social and cultural impact of independent theatrical works, and/or those who simply feel this is a worthy investment – JOIN US. Come on board as a Producer and help us reach our goal of performing in venues around the world.

Why this play?

Staging in Chicago, Naples, Barcelona, New York, London, and Providence, of “What Do You Want To Be When You Give Up?” has elicited deeply personal, and explicitly buoyant reactions. It penetrates the limits of age, gender, place in life, and whether you’re happy or sad in that place, and cuts to the core.  In times when convention is being thrown overboard, this play poignantly gives audience members something sturdy and real to cling to while afloat amongst the detritus.

From the Show

Our Goal

Our goal is to gain enough publicity, positive reviews, and funding to be slotted into an off-Broadway theater and thus become eligible for the off-Broadway award circuit.  This will time, effort, dedication, and MONEY.  It’s the BUSINESS part of show business, to be sure. 

Yes, we are an Arts Non-Profit organization. That classification is significant. Here’s why. We are NOT prohibited from making a profit. We are simply held accountable for how that profit is reinvested into the continued growth and development of our public profile and creative work product. Markets determine value. A price tag of $0.00 reflects inherent worth and attractiveness. Jump Rhythm® is worth the price and attractive as a result. Just like those plays and musicals you see on and off-Broadway, we are establishing a company around this theatre piece. It would be an honor for us if you signed on.

Unlike those plays and musicals you see on and off-Broadway, which are FOR PROFIT, we can’t guarantee you a financial dividend. What we can promise you as PRODUCERS is SUCCESS in terms of exposure, accolades, sponsorship, artistic impact, love, “…fortitude and gentleness…”


The piece’s greatest strength lies in its transparency; these actors know what they’re talking about because they live it. ‘What Do You Want to Be When You Give Up?’ reads as a timely meditation on hopelessness and isolation, ultimately suggesting that we’re never as alone as we may feel.

Frankie DiCiaccio

actor and arts educator, MFA in Acting, Harvard University



Nancy Gidwitz

Ed and Helen Nicoll


Bernie & Sally Dobroski

Anna Marie Panlilio


Paul Edwards

William Griffith

Joy Javits

Ray and Jane Neufeld

Producer Levels

  • Individuals who fund at $5000 and above billed as Executive Producer.
  • Individuals who fund between $1001 to $4999 billed as Managing Producer.
  •  Individuals who fund at the $1000 level billed as Associate Producer.

Your funding remains 100% tax deductible since we retain our 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Not Ready to Produce?

Show your support through a tax-deductible donation. All amounts are accepted, as are all payment

Partnership and Gratitude

As a Producer your connection to Jump Rhythm®’s work is valued and vital. Jump Rhythm® considers you a true business partner. For that reason, Jump Rhythm® Producers are enumerated on the Jump Rhythm® website according to producer level share billing on Jump Rhythm® playbills for performances (current production/tour year) and receive invitations as Producers to special artistic/theatrical events involving Jump Rhythm®.

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