Let’s do the play at your place! Find out how to book Jump Rhythm® so we can come and share. If you’re interested in its undergirding, ask about a Master Class or Residency in the techniques.

Fortitude or and Gentleness

Fortitude or and Gentleness can be booked for 1-3 performances. Booking fees include air travel, baggage, lodging, per diems, and meals for 2 performers and 1 tech director/stage manager. Residencies can be added on for an additional fee. Please inquire for details.

Production Details: 

Cast: Two (2) Actors
Crew: One (1) Stage Manager
Duration: 75 minutes
Set: Two (2) Chairs
Venue: Black box or intimate stage setting
Shows: One (1), Two (2), or Three (3) in each location
Master Class: Description available upon request

Tour Dates:

Spring 2024

Europe:  Spain | Italy | France | The UK | Finland | Germany

USA: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio

New York | July 2023 @
Mark O’Donnell Theater

Chicago | October 8, 2023 Northwestern University

Fee Structure:

Jump Rhythm® is open to negotiation, bundling, production groups – fee sharing, and payment in kind arrangements.


One Performance
USD $5,000 (baseline, negotiable)

Add-ons include additional performances; Master Classes; Lectures, etc.

Contact Us for more details.

We are open to negotiation, so please don’t be afraid to ask.


Fees may include but are not limited to:

Fees subject to change for long haul flights, access to rehearsal space, costs on location, and other variables such as currency fluctuations, etc. 

Travel (by ground and/or air): Location Dependent. May include rental car, ground transportation, airport pick-up
Baggage (as applicable): Duration Dependent
Lodging: Location Dependent (if provided by Producer/Presenter not included here)
Per Diem: $60 per person per day (includes Tech Director)
Creative License Fee: $1000 one time only
Choreographic Fee: $500 one time only
Teaching Fee: $1000 for one two-hour Master Class
Performance Fee: $200 per person per performance
Rehearsal Fee: $150/hour per person
Technical Director: $750 per gig

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