Let’s do the play at your place! Find out how to book Jump Rhythm® so we can come and share. If you’re interested in its undergirding, ask about a Master Class or Residency in the techniques.

What Do You Want To Be When You Give Up? 

What Do You Want To Be When You Give Up can be booked for 1-3 performances. Booking fees include air travel, baggage, lodging, per diems, and meals for 2 performers and 1 tech director/stage manager. Residencies can be added on for an additional fee. Please inquire for details.

Production Details: 

Cast: Two (2) Actors
Crew: One (1) Stage Manager
Duration: 75 minutes
Set: Two (2) Chairs
Venue: Black box or intimate stage setting
Shows: One (1), Two (2), or Three (3) in each location
Master Class: Description available upon request

Tour Dates:

Spain | TDB 2023
Italy | TBD 2023
France | TBD 2023
London | TBD 2023
Finland | TBD 2023 

New York | July 2023 @
Mark O’Donnell Theater

Chicago | TBD 2023

Fee Structure:

Jump Rhythm® is open to negotiation, bundling, production groups – fee sharing, and payment in kind arrangements.


One Performance
USD $5,000 (baseline, negotiable)

Add-ons include additional performances; Master Classes; Lectures, etc.

Contact Us for more details.

We are open to negotiation, so please don’t be afraid to ask.


Fees may include but are not limited to:

Fees subject to change for long haul flights, access to rehearsal space, costs on location, and other variables such as currency fluctuations, etc. 

Travel (by ground and/or air): Location Dependent. May include rental car, ground transportation, airport pick-up
Baggage (as applicable): Duration Dependent
Lodging: Location Dependent (if provided by Producer/Presenter not included here)
Per Diem: $60 per person per day (includes Tech Director)
Creative License Fee: $1000 one time only
Choreographic Fee: $500 one time only
Teaching Fee: $1000 for one two-hour Master Class
Performance Fee: $200 per person per performance
Rehearsal Fee: $150/hour per person
Technical Director: $750 per gig

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